Better Energy Homes (BEH) Grants:
Formerly known as the HES (Home Energy Saving) Scheme, Better Energy Homes has been created to help homeowners pay for energy efficient measures, such as external wall insulation. These grants are available to any homeowner whose home predates the 2003 Building Regulations (typically homes built before 2006).

The objectives of the scheme are to:
Provide support and advice to homeowners so they can intelligently improve the energy performance of their home. Reduce energy use, utility bills and emissions. Improve contractor competence and quality standards along with market capacity. Stimulate innovation

Applicants will receive a cash grant as an incentive to improve the energy performance of their homes. Payment is via Electronic Funds Transfer to the applicant’s bank account.

There are some provisos:
Cash grants are fixed regardless of the size of the home.
If the actual development costs less than the grant value, only the lower amount will be paid. Only homes built before 2006 are eligible for a grant.

Who can apply for a grant?
As a national scheme within the Republic of Ireland, all homeowners of dwellings built prior to 2006 may apply for a grant. Landlords and owners of multiple properties may also apply, but each property requires a separate application.

When and how can I access my grant payment? You will only be able to access your grant payment when the following conditions have been met:

All your contractors have completed the upgrade works and filled in the relevant 'Declaration of Works' (DOW) form and appropriate sections of the 'BER Confirmation' and 'Request for Payment' form. Your BER assessor has undertaken a site visit, completed/published the BER and returned to you the completed 'BER Confirmation' and 'Request for Payment' form. You have fully paid all contractors and your BER assessor. Once paid, ensure that you have signed all the relevant forms which you then submit to SEAI with a view to grant payment. All paperwork must be submitted together within the six month grant offer period.

NDevelopment -  External Wall Insulation Systems Contractor  SEAI no. 15551
NDevelopment is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes scheme.
SEAI registered contractor ID 15551.

How do I apply?
For application details please email us, or alternatively download the Better Energy Homes application form PDF.

Now you can also apply on line by clicking on this link.

How long does grant payment take?

If all the paper work is completed correctly, it takes on average 4-6 weeks to process grant payment, from the date the paperwork is received to payment into your account.

When can I get the work done?
In accordance with the scheme's Terms and Conditions, Grant Approval must be in place prior to any purchase of materials or commencement of works is undertaken.

What funds are available?
BEH has established a series of measures you can apply for as part of the scheme, as you can see below:

Measure / Category Grant:

Wall Insulation – External :

Mid-Terraced House - €1800

Semi-Detached or End of Terrace €2700

Detached House €3600

BER Assessment Building Energy Rating(BER) €50

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