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External Wall Insulation Systems Contractor  SEAI no. 15551
EWI is a high performance External Wall Insulation system protected by meshcloth reinforced polymer renders. EWI Weber Therm XM systems which we promote, have BBA and IAB approval covering various types of insulation and many render finishes.

Features and Benefits of EWI:

* Provides efficient thermal insulation for refurbishment and new build projects

* Comprehensive range of colours and textures enable the creation of striking visual effects

* Has a high performance water shedding range of finishes to protect the building fabric

* Low K-value insulants allow thinner insulation to be used or higher standards to be achieved

* Eliminates interstitial condensation by creating a 'warm wall' construction

* Suitable for, and effective on most buildings - including lightweight steel frame structures and in-fill panels

* Supported by comprehensive technical and architectural services
IAB and BBA approved certificate no. 91/2600 with Irish Building Regulations Statement

Sound masonry substrate or background prepared for system

LAC bonding

EPS/Mineral Wool/Phenolic Insulation board

Fixings suitable as specified - 2/board to restrain board

1st LAC layer (3mm)

Glassfibre meshcloth
2nd LAC layer (3mm)


Acrylic top coat (1,5-3mm)/PTS mineral top coat scraped

Base bead (aluminium starter track)

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An example of EWI System build up :